Zip HydroTap UK Launch Video Budget on Script Draft 3


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The Zip HydroTap New Video Promotion Director’s Statement

  1. We aim to produce an up-market video in line with the sleek design of the HydroTap.

    Studio shoot

  2. The studio shoot will incorporate new shots of the HydroTap in operation. Ultra close-ups of the unit will be shot artistically. The shoot will include vision of iced water, tea served in fine china, plunger coffee and ethereal images of the earlier HydroBoils.

    CBD shoot

  3. Here we will film the award winning Lend Lease building ‘The Bond,’ with the HydroTaps in situ and Renzo Piano’s ‘Aurora Place.’ Artistic stylized shots of the buildings along with the city will also be used for backgrounds and transitions.

    Graphic Shoot

  4. Design and Architecture magazines will be shot for backgrounds and the filtration unit will be shot in macro.


  5. Layered editing techniques will be used at times to further enhance the image of the ultra- modern look we are pursuing for the HydroTap promotion.


ZIP Hydrotap Video Script

(Approximately 3 minutes)

Draft 3

Music up.

  1. Montage ultra-modern graphics of stunning Architecture, Design and Technical drawings. The Hydrotap emerges.

  2. Title:

    The New Zip HydroTap

    - Boiling and chilled water filtered water instantly

  3. Stylised studio shots of the HydroTap.

    Voice Over

    (English accent - slow read)

    ‘Elegant ... … … Functional … … … Simplicity.’

    Voice Over

    ‘The new Zip HydroTap dispenses boiling and chilled filtered drinking water instantly.’

  4. Montage the HydroTap with studio images of tea and plunger coffee.

    Voice Over

    ‘Touch the tactile pad for instant filtered boiling water, the ultimate in convenience.’

  5. Studio images of iced water with lemon over a montage of country streams and waterfalls.

    Voice Over

    ‘Crystal clear drinking water always on tap. Pour a glass of filtered water whenever you like. Ambient temperature or chilled.’

  6. Montage technical drawings over obscure images of earlier models of Zip HydroBoils.

    Voice Over

    ‘Zip invented instant boiling water heaters with the introduction to the world of the Zip Hydroboil. Thousands of companies have since benefited from the increase in productivity, cost savings and convenience of instant boiling water.’

  7. Montage current HydroBoils and the first edition HydroTap over the ‘Greater London Authority’ and other buildings.

    Voice Over

    ‘Zip systems are installed some of the world's most intriguing Architectural statements; in the UK Lord Foster’s “Greater London Authority Building.” The Historic “Treasury Building,” No 10 and MI5 have all installed Zip instant boiling water heaters.’

  8. Montage Taipei Tower.

    Oriental Music up.

    Voice Over

    ‘Drawing inspiration from traditional Chinese Architecture, C.Y Lee and Partners new “Taipei Financial Centre” is the tallest mono building in the world. At half a kilometer tall it has over 70 Zip instant boiling water heaters installed.’

  9. Montage Singapore’s Art Centre.

    Voice Over

    ‘After 6 years in construction, Singapore unveiled its new arts centre. A masterpiece in design by Michael Wilford. Zip systems were also specified for this sensational addition to the Singapore skyline.’

  10. Montage Aurora Place with the early model HydroTap.

    Voice Over

    ‘Renzo Piano’s “Aurora Place”, is Australia’s most innovative commercial Building. Its sleek interiors required the very best of fit outs and Zip’s first edition HydroTaps was selected to provide instant boiling and chilled filtered water.’

  11. Artistic shots of the Lend Lease Building with the new HydroTap in situ.

    Voice Over

    ‘One of the first buildings to receive Zip’s new HydroTaps is Lend Lease’s new headquarters in Sydney, “The Bond.” A benchmark in design by Whittaker Haddenham and Openshaw. Chilled beam air-cooling, sensor controlled lighting and extensive use of natural lighting and ventilation. It is also the first building in Australia to achieve a five star

    Building Greenhouse Rating. Zip’s latest model HydroTaps were selected for their stylistic sophistication and functional energy saving features.’

  12. Ultra close-ups of the unit.

    Voice Over

    ‘The new Zip HydroTap has patented temperature control and safety systems. It recycles steam to increase thermal efficiency and a child proof safety

    lock can be activated. The HydroTap can also be mounted with the flexibility to meet any design requirement.’

  13. Ultra close-up of the filtration unit.

    Voice Over

    ‘Allowing fluoride to pass, the sub-micron filtration unit filters out giardia, cryptosporidium, rust, heavy metals and chlorine. Providing crystal clear drinking water on tap.’

  14. Studio images of the new HydroTap.

Voice Over

‘Combining clean, crisp styling with technical ingenuity and superb functionality, Zip's new HydroTap is a truly innovative appliance which is now exporting to the world.

Zip, the world leader in instant boiling and chilled water systems.’


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Zip Hydrotap UK Launch Budget on Script Draft 2


Script writing $2,500

Production/Direction $2,500

Studio shoot

Camera & equipment $1,800

Assistant $450

Studio preparation $650

Props $120

Digital tape $140

CBD shoot

Camera & equipment $1,800

Assistant $380

Graphics & Zip filter shoot

Camera & equipment $650

Assistant $250

Design magazines $75

Voice over talent

Australia rights $750

UK rights $750

Internet rights $750

Voice over recording suite $280

Tape $45

Video editing

Computer edit $5,700

Edit masters $90

Stock footage for backgrounds $1,200

Initial DVD creation & art work $380

Dubs $150

Music $450

TOTAL $21,860

Prices plus GST & 35% deposit.