The Fortune Hunter - excerpt - Screenplay by Graeme Beck

               INT. DRILL RIG'S CABIN - DAY

               Jude is driving through the bush while her burley male offsider is navigating 
with a map. She does a hard right. DRILLER No I mean left! Left. JUDE Make up your bloody mind! He turns the map around 180'. DRILLER Yeah, left back there. She slams on the brakes and reverses the rig. INT. MICK'S WORKSHOP - DAY In a workshop at the back of his suburban house, Mick files gold from an ounce bar into a mortar and from a couple of dusty old jars adds a pinch of copper
sulphide and zinc. EXT. MICK'S HOUSE - DAY He loads up his 4WD. EXT. DRILL RIG POSITION 1 - DAY The rig is positioned about a kilometer from Jack's mine. SUE (shouting) We're drilling an anomalie which runs through here. (pointing towards Jack's mine) It's located along Komatite and Basalt contact. You can determine from the sulfurous smell. Sue takes a handful out of the sample bag and lets Mick smell it. It stinks. MICK How far down are you? SUE One fifty. MICK One fifty! Fuck, we can't afford to go that deep! SUE They drilled to a hundred on this block in the seventies with no success. (pause) At one twenty we struck abundant alteration and at one forty, some sulfides. (shrugging) It's a good sign. MICK Yeah? SUE The results aren't back yet so don't get too excited. EXT. TRACK - DAY At an isolated spot Mick stops his vehicle and opens a few of the collected sample bags. He stirs in some of his powder. INT. TRADING FLOOR - MORNING TV screens flash out the bids as stockbrokers type in orders. Others talk quickly on the telephones. INT. PALACE HOTEL DINNING ROOM - MORNING Nial has finished his breakfast and is sitting back with a coffee reading the newspaper. George in his new waiters outfit clears his plate. NIAL I'll have another coffee thanks. Nial is alerted to a headline. NIAL (CONT'D) (loud) Struth! Gold strike by South Am! George is alarmed at hearing 'South Am.' A couple of the other miners look their way. GEORGE South Am? NIAL (reading) The rumors were rampant in Perth yesterday driving South Am shares up in heavy buying to one dollar twenty. Nial throws the paper down, and George picks it up. NIAL (CONT'D) Fuck! A dollar twenty! I was given the tip when they were ten cents! MINER 2 Hey Nial, didn't you put any money on South Am? NIAL Piss off! The miner laughs. George is still reading the paper. NIAL %^$# it!! I would of done alright!!