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Writing for the screen is very different to all other writing.
Written language requires translating in the mind first,
before concepts and images can be understood.
The harder the concept, the harder the mind has to work.

Images travel directly into the mind and are virtually comprehend immediately,
bypassing the slower translation process.
That is why film is such a powerful medium.
Screenwriting is writing for this visual medium and requires different skills.

The three levels of film making

The easiest and least expensive method of film making is putting images to voice over.
"Talking" about what people are doing.

The next stage in film making is to interweave voice over with live action.
This is a very common method of documentary making.
A talking head or voice over followed by live action.

The final stage of film making is all live action.
This is where we are watching what is going on,
not being told what is going on.
Feature films are usually in this category although some
film makers resort towards the easier method of voice over.

It is a lot harder to write in a visual way and it requires the
screenwriter to do the processing work for the audience, not the other way around.

Script Writing Examples

The Fortune Hunters (Feature) 'Live Action' script excerpt

The Prospectors (Documentary) - 'Presenter style' script
(An informative look at the early history of mining in Australia)
(The Prospectors Video)

Zip Heaters (Industrial) - "Voice over" style script
(Zip Video)


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